Guidance for Spectators

We welcome people to come and support the teams at steephill but do ask you kindly to abide by these guidelines whilst at Steephill to help keep everyone safe.

  • Sign the attendance book with telephone contact details
  • Maintain at least 1 meter social distancing unless in a family group
  • Congregate in groups of no more than six people
  • In the event of rain, take appropriate shelter including returning to your car
  • Note that wearing of masks is the preferred option of the club both inside and outside, however it is not compulsory
  • Only use the downstairs toilet; only one person at a time; remember to wash your hands
  • If you have sanitiser and are using the benches or deckchairs, help us by cleaning them with sanitiser afterwards
  • Do not enter the bar or kitchen unless they are open
  • Inform the club should you develop or come into contact with someone who has developed symptoms
  • Take away as much rubbish as you can and refrain from using the club’s bins
  • Do not visit the ground if you have been ill or been in contact with someone who has been ill
  • Do not return the ball into play or touch any of the other equipment
  • Arrive at the ground as late as possible and leave as soon after the game as possible
  • Be aware of social distancing when parking your car
  • Be aware that purchases from the bar can be by card only